Flower and Leaf Leis
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Order Fresh Flower Leis for your Wedding in Honolulu. See some of our lovely selection of flowers below.

Purple Orchid Leis

Flower lei

Purple is the most common color for orchid leis, though white orchids are also easy to obtain. Occasionally we see soft light green orchid leis, a very attractive color but a bit more rare.

Flower leis are $20.00 for standard leis, $25.00 for special request color leis, and $40.00 for deluxe flower leis which may include double-thick leis, ginger leis, more expensive flowers, or specially folded flowers.


Our deluxe flower leis vary in variety depending upon which leis at the market capture the buyer's eye. Groom's leis are most usually green, a more masculine color. Bride's leis tend to be pink, purple or white.

Groom's Maile Leaf Lei


It is traditional for the Groom in Hawaii to wear a Maile Leaf Lei, which distinguishes the Groom as being the "most important" man present at the event.

Maile leis are $90.00 each. We also have "Maile-style" ti leaf leis for a little less at $50.00. Maile leaf lei with white flowers is $149.00.

Bride's Haku Lei ($90.00)

Bride Flower Head Band

A Bride's HAKU LEI (Flower head band) is available for $90.00. They come in various styles, often white orchid with fern background. Tiny pink roses can be added for color ($20 upgrade), or you may request a multi-color flower haku lei. *Custom flower requests may increase the price.

Jumbo Lei

Flowers on the Beach

Our JUMBO LEI is the best way to put flowers on the beach with no mess. Just pick up the lei when the ceremony is over. Six times normal length, available in white or purple. $120.00

Hawaii Wedding Testimonials

We can't wait to see the Wedding photos! Thank you for such a wonderful Wedding. Everything from the flowers to the limousine, Minister and photos was just amazing, a day we will never forget.

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