Plumeria Bouquets

Order Plumeria Bouquets for your Wedding in Honolulu. See some of our lovely selection of flowers below.

Plumeria Bouquet
(including boutonniere): $210.00

Hawaii Bouquets

Pink Plumeria
(including boutonniere):

Waikiki Bouquets

Yellow Plumeria Bouquet
(including boutonniere): $199.00

Hawaiian Flower Bouquets

Silk Plumeria
includes boutonniere: $249.00

Bride's Bouquet

Plumeria Bouquets...
Bride's Bouquet

Hawaii Wedding Testimonials

We can't wait to see the Wedding photos! Thank you for such a wonderful Wedding. Everything from the flowers to the limousine, Minister and photos was just amazing, a day we will never forget.

Plumerias usually bloom between April and November, so these bouquets may not be available in the winter months.

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